Jul 23, 2015

Note to My Readers

Hey Folks,

How have you been?
A friend of mine found a video of mine on YouTube and shared it with me. The video was one I had shot to promote this blog a long time ago. It brought back old memories and after 15 minutes of searching How to articles online, I was able to figure out my lost email and password to login to this blog.
So its been almost 4 years since I last logged in here. I am astonished to see that this forsaken and abandoned blog still receives considerable page views and comments with literally no effort from me. It shows content is always the king. There are hundreds of unpublished comments that I am still going through. I noticed that a lot of you wish that I resume blogging and many of you have asked why I have not updated any content for such a long time. While there are numerous other questions, I would like to answer this one.

Why have I not been blogging?

Well! I don't live in India any more and have been living abroad for more than three years now. As much as I loved the amazing and passionate world of network marketing in India, I could not keep up with the industry, especially since I have not been involved with any MLM company since I started this blog, something I did purely for information sharing purposes and did not wish to monetize it. I remember in my first year blogging, an Internet Marketing guru I knew advised me to use call to action at the end of every post and monetize. I never did that because the purpose was not make money. Years later he offered to buy the blog because of the traffic it was getting. I turned him down again. On hindsight, I think it was a bad strategy from my end, since I wouldn't have forsaken a moneymaking blog, and he would certainly have taken care of it better than I have done since.

Initially I did have plans to convert this blog into a user driven mlm-networking portal, but work, travel and relationships took most of my time and the plan never took off. I am now involved with so many non mlm ventures that I do not see how I can find time to devote to this blog. Having said that,
I do see how useful people have found information in this blog and would hate to kill the blog.

I am not sure if I will continue adding new content about MLM India in the near future. Having said that, I will devote some time over the coming weeks to fix the site to ensure you readers have a good experience reading the content the site always has.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this blog and me! Thank you for checking out the Indian MLM Blog.


Sep 3, 2011

Ankur Agarwal quits MyVideoTalk!!

Indian MLM Industry leader and pioneer in Online Network marketing Ankur Agarwal had made the news of his exit from MyVideoTalk official. He was quoted saying the following on his facebook page:
Its Official Now : Ankur Agarwal Is Out Of My Video Talk For Good :) It Has Been A Great Ride Of Last 5 years where a young broke software engineer went from making $500/month to making over million $$$ , building a team of over 100,000 reps, touching all pin levels and travelling the world....Time For Next Level.
 The move, shocking for some, has been so far met with surprisingly positive responses. Ankur with a team of over 100,000 and mammoth list of news letter subscribers will definitely be on the spotlight in the days to come. What the future holds for MyVideoTalk now? Only future will tell us but rest assured it will be a big concern for worry for the management and senior leaders.

If you have been following the industry you must not be surprised or despised by this move but I would like to hear your thoughts on this before I post my verdict. Tell us what you feel? Do you think MLM industry leaders are right in switching companies?

Aug 6, 2010

RMP Infotec in Trouble - Scam Alert!!

Hello All,

Its been a while since I have posted any news on the Indian MLM but this news deserves a much required discussion because not only has RMP infotec been featured on main stream media (for all the bad reasons) but it puts in jeopardy the entire industry and its associated reps some of who earn their bread and butter soley by this biz.

Kindly take a moment and tell me how u feel about this. What do you think is the reason the Indian MLM Industry is facing such a predicament. Who are to be blamed-
  • The Company,
  • Top Leaders,
  • Lack of proper Industry representation
and what solution do you have to fight such a situation?

Aug 1, 2009

Reader Question :What is The Best Way to do MLM In India?

Hello Friends,

How have you been? I know ive not been blogging regularly as of late but i have lot of interesting and exciting stuff coming your way very Soon. Initially i dint intent to publish this post but the question asked by one of my Students Jagan was so to the point that it demanded this attention. Now have like 15 min for this post so dont be mad if you see me making spelling mistakes or grammatical error. The post is just for your knowledge.

Here's What Jagan had to say


how r u?
been fairly a long time since i last contacted you.

hey i have a certain query. I have been in ankur agarwal's mailing list for quite some time now.
I got confused a bit when he said that the combination of old school and new school method
works the best in our market scenario.

how do we do that?

because the leads generated through the internet would expect us to teach them
how to do business the same exact way right?

I do feel that old school methods does work in our country where people don't often flash their credit cards
when they see a sales letter on the net.

so how do we go for a balance?

the problem with me is that i have utter disregards for the old school methods..
not only is it back breaking, it isn't much respectable...

all this while i was learning quite a few things so didn't move forward with my campaign.

but i do get an occasional call from certain people. how do i go about with them?

i mean in order to grow fast i must have a marketing system and a strategy,,,so in my case should i teach them attraction marketing or try to recruit them ( the problem is the whole cycle starts when i recruit people like this).

i know my queries are very muddled up. so here's the list:

1. Is it only attraction marketing or a combination of old and new school?
is that what is taught in the book mlm downline code?
2. If its a combo, how do we merge both?
3. This problem may seem wierd, but i am confused with which way should i go when my leads call me up.
4. how do people in My Video Talk build their mlm team ? (they generate leads from the net right?)

your help will be very valuable.
actually i wanted to talk to you but unfortunately couldn't reach you.

Thanks a bunch,

Here is What I mailed Him back

Hello Jagan

I am doing absolutely fine and Its nice to know you are trying to get to the bottom of things. Bravo!

Well the question you have asked is something that pondered over my head for a long long time. And this is my answer to it, its not from some text book or training course so it might contradict to some stuff you may have heard. So here we go -

You query is actually about functional "business model". Now talking about business model the most intriguing thing about it is the fact that there are numerous ones and many with proven track record of success. Its not uncommon to see that people selling the same products use two very different business models and both make money.

For Eg Talking in the realm of the Internet Some people's business model includes a basic lead generation system and email follow ups (eg Ankur Agarwal) while Others make money using a member ship site (Aron Wall).

So the answer to your question "How to do business the same exact way right?"

There is no right way. And Wrong way for that matter. You need to figure out what works for you and master it. This 'what' could be

1. Exactly replicating An already popular business model.
2. Making some alterations of existing hit formula. Or
3. Coming up with a brand new Idea for a business model.

So try thinking everything in terms of business model. Old school method ,still being used in its most unaltered way by many top Indian Networker's, is a Business Model that worked splendidly for a long time. But its flaws have given it a good beating since then.

There are many Network Marketers who despise Old school marketing methods for reasons that sometimes stand justified. These are those who follow just the new Internet Way of doing things. Even such people make money. The flaw in this business is it lacks personal touch.

My Good friend Ankur excels in the second type of business Model. He has smartly found a working model combining the best features of both the Old School and New school. Im not saying this is the absolute model everyone has to follow but the Business Model Works NOW! It may or may not in the future.

Now let me give you a Summary of this Business Model that has proven to work -

Step 1 - Lead Generation {Using Seo/PPc etc to generate leads}

Step 2 - Email Marketing {Used for Monetizing and for funneling out targeted prospects}.

Step 3 - Building your primary opportunity with the funneled out and Qualified ones.

Step 2 and Step 3 Must include Phone conversations and face to face meeting if possible. But must be followed strictly once a team is built.

So folks there you go

What do you think is the best way to do Network Marketing In India right now? Do you believe with my answer? If not i would love to know why not?Use the comments section below and lets converse.

In case you have just burning queries use the blue question Mark on the right hand sidebar and ask your most burning MLM Question Now!

See you around Next time.

Apr 24, 2009

No#1 Reason Why Online Network Marketing is the future?

"Will online MLM work in India?" was one of the questions i was bombarded with when i made public my survey on MLM India a month back. I always knew the answer but i could not have explained it without this vital piece of information i got today. So heres my answer and im sure it will convince you.

Yes, Online MLM will work in India. Infact it is the future. Where most people go wrong is that people think Online mlm will completely replace traditional MLM. It wont. Traditional MLM or building relationship face to face is and will remain the best method to build a downline. Internet will become the indespensible tool people have in their arsenal to help them do this. My belief became more stronger when i saw this Internet Statistic report for Asia today. Note that the User groth in india is an gigantic 1,520.0%.

More and more people are coming online every day. The possibilty of reaching a much wider audiance is made possible by the internet.

Would love your say on this. Enjoy and comment!

Apr 13, 2009

Amway India to improve customer access

Source: Business Standard

With an aim to achieve the sales turn over of Rs. 2,500 crore by the calendar year 2010, Amway India Enterprises Pvt Ltd, a major direct selling FMCG Company in the country, has determined to focus on improving the customer access across the country.

As part of this, the company will sell select Amway products in Gyms, Beauty Spas and salons, through Amway distributors. Moreover, the company will also set up ‘experience centres’ at certain Amway offices in the country.

Speaking to Business Standard, Achinta Banerjie, Vice President, Amway India (West), said, “we have set a target of a 25 per cent growth for the current financial year 2009 (January to December) and will focus on improving consumer access in 2009. The first step has already been taken with the launch of the new-look Amway website, amway.in, which has redefined e-commerce in direct selling. Consumers, who did not have access to Amway products hitherto, can order Amway products with the click of a button. Select Amway products will be available in Gyms, Beauty Spas and salons, where Amway distributors will supply products to these outlets.”

“We also have plans to set up ‘experience centres’ at certain Amway offices wherein our Business Owners and their customers can meet with Nutrition & beauty consultants, go through a complete health and beauty assessment, get their queries answered by these experts. Such steps will take us to our target of Rs 2,500 crores by 2012,” said Banerjie.

In 2008, Amway India recorded a turnover of Rs. 1,128 crores registering a 40% growth, against a turnover of Rs 800 crores in 2007.

Amway India is a wholly owned Indian subsidiary of the US and 8.2 billion Amway Corporation, Michigan, USA, one of the largest Direct Selling Companies in the world. The company has 127 offices and 55 city warehouses across the country, covering over 3,000 cities and towns through its home delivery network.

Almost 85 per cent of the products sold by Amway India are now manufactured within the country through 7 third-party contract manufacturers. Amway India currently offers 110 products in five categories of Personal Care, Home Care, Nutrition & Wellness, Cosmetics and Gift catalogue

Apr 10, 2009

Latest Questnet Update: CB-CID files chargesheet in QuestNet India case

Source: MyNews

Chennai: The CB-CID police has completed the investigation and filed chargesheet in the alleged cheating case, involving QuestNet India.

The CB-CID, acting on a Madras High Court order, filed the chargesheet in the second Metropolitan Magistrate Court yesterday.

QuestNet India thanked the CB-CID for expediting the investigation and filing the long awaited chargesheet. It had filed a petition in Madras High Court in December last, to expedite investigation and to bring the case to the court at the earliest in order to pave the way for a swift, proper and legal solution to all matters in connection with the case. Zaheer Merchant, Director for Litigation for the Group, which includes QuestNet India (as a separate independent company incorporated in India) said, '''We are glad that after a long wait, the matter is finally brought to the court. The management of QuestNet India looks forward to the case to be able to prove its innocence and is confident it will be accorded a fair trial in this regard.'' From the outset, QuestNet has maintained that all genuine and legitimate complaints were not ''criminal'' matters by any means, and that such genuine and legitimate grievances would be seriously considered and dealt with by the company.

The company is certain that the number of complainants as claimed in the media is a highly exaggerated number. Most complaints would be pertaining to delays in product delivery and as the company has repeatedly pointed out, over 30,000 products which were stored in the warehouse, waiting to be shipped out, at the time of the raid by the Chennai police on May two last year, were seized by the authorities, as they sealed the office premises, crippling the operations of the company. Mr Merchant said the company is also prepared to set up a full-fledged customer grievance cell to address all the legitimate and genuine complaints, and process refunds in such cases as required. However, the company has been prevented from doing so during the last 10 months of investigation, he added. However, we would like to state that the onus of forwarding the genuine complaints lies with the investigating agencies who remain uncooperative to date.